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XB1 Wonderkids Team Spotlight Interview

Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Dec 14, 2016.

  • by Unity Bluefin, Dec 14, 2016 at 3:14 PM
  • Unity Bluefin

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    As an old school team returning to the site we thought we would catch up with Lewis the long standing manager of Wonderkids for this months interview, to introduce him to the site and reintroduce Wonderkids for the newer players around the clubs scene.


    As Manager please tell us a bit about yourself.

    My names Lewis and I have just turned 26. I'm from Barnsley and live with my girlfriend. I have a season ticket too and have done for a few years now as I stopped playing Saturday football. Not much else really I might be a bit boring.

    What is your club name?

    The Wonderkids

    When was your club established?

    It was established near the end of FIFA 09 as a small man club at first between friends that played COD4 and other games.

    Why did you choose that particular name?

    Some of the older players that have been around a while know I love a game or 8 of Football Manager and there's a running joke that whenever that comes out I vanish off the face of the earth and that's where the name comes from. For those of you that don't play it, it's to describe a young player that has a lot of potential.

    How did your club originally form?

    I sort of answered this further up without knowing so I'll expand a little. We used to make clubs of different names and not take it too seriously on FIFA 09 but we always used to get very good records and didn't lose many games so I had a look about (whilst playing Football Manager, hence the name) and realised there was such a thing as 11 man clubs so we got a few more mates to play and started out as 11 mates.

    Who would you say is your main rivals?

    Back when we started our rivals, undoubtedly were Team Beavers, we used to get beat by the odd goal constantly when we first started but as FIFA 09 ended and 10 began we slowly started turning those defeats into draws and narrow wins. As time went on Team Beevers stopped playing and then our new rivals were the likes of Foregone, Divine and my memory with FIFA is awful so probably missed a few teams there. Once Andy got Unity to 11 man and competitive which wasn't long I would say they are our biggest rivals but that's more out of respect between us two than hatred or us not getting along.

    What has been your best team moment in clubs?

    The first tournament we won which was on FVPA. That's when I realised we could compete and beat anyone on our day and even as someone who has never had an ego it's nice when all the best players want to play for you team, means you're doing something right.

    Who is your best player/players?

    We have had a lot of very, very good players playing for us over the years, most of them don't play anymore but Effex and Mortz are our best players. They're both extremely consistent, very, very loyal and I always say a sign of a really good player is someone who you would play in any position without thinking because you know they will do a job better than most other players that play there. I think both of them have played everywhere for us over the years.

    What advice would you give to new Managers starting out?

    Firstly, patience, patience and more patience. I was quite lucky that I met some players playing Call of Duty who, when we went on to FIFA were very good at that too. Some had to stop since then so that's where my patience came in. Some of the players that leave will be hard to replace and won't always be proceeded by a player that is as good but if you get rid of the players with ego's (no point in dealing with that as a manager) and find players that are good but also listen to how you want to play and easy to get along with that is more than half the battle.

    How do you find the patience to continue when things are going bad?

    In general I'm a very patient person. Sometimes it's been a downfall but I prefer being this way than getting really wound up very easily. Not to say it's better but just my preference. In terms of when it's going bad I just have a lot of confidence in myself at FIFA. Not that I think i'm very, very good as i'm not as good as I once were, but confident that however bad it is eventually I will turn it around and make us very hard to beat and good to watch again.

    What changes if any would you say needs to be implemented into clubs?

    Well the first big one that jumps out is that every player is very fast, strong and good on the ball. If that's to be continued then the pitches need to be made bigger so there's more ground to cover and we can all try to play Football if we want to. At the moment games tend to be very scrappy where 1 goal wins it and it's always been that way as far back as I can remember. After that I don't think there's much to change except maybe the old ranking system that made games very immersive and made people care a lot more if you won or not. I know we do now but it honestly made a difference.

    What changes if any would you say needs to be implemented into FE?

    Not just because i'm a good friend of Andys but there's nothing that I can think of that needs adding. When I joined after been away for a few years I was very impressed with the website, not just the content but the way it looks and it set out. Course I wouldn't tell him that, it might go to his head. :D

    Is there anything else you would like to add or tell the community about your team

    Not really apart from if you're a good player send me a message. No just kidding, glad to be back and even though it's not started how I would of liked and it's been a bit frustrating with people either joining other teams because they don't know us or think we will fold i'm looking forward to when we are back to being one of the best teams and winning tournaments again.
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Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. R9 Fraser
    I remember when I first started out you were one of the top teams to beat. That backline of Crossy Jake Frazer McD were pretty deadly and Kyle up top always a big dangerman. Swifty was there as well I think as well as the four you mentioned must be a few more class players I have forgotten about.
  2. LewisH 90
    Irons, Ash and Billy played as well. 3 very good players.

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