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XB1 Vendetta Team Spotlight Interview.

Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Nov 4, 2016.

  • by Unity Bluefin, Nov 4, 2016 at 10:40 PM
  • Unity Bluefin

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    We caught up with Vendetta pair @Whyyy Mee & @Catinho for our next instalment of Managers/team interviews, after being established in 2013 they have went on to become one of the sites most successful and dominant teams.


    When was your club established?


    Why did you choose that particular name?

    We originally spent a few days thinking of names that not only sounded good, but had meaning too. We also didn't want to end up doing the standard random thesaurus method most teams these days use. Shaun suggested Vendetta and it kind of stuck. We liked the idea that if your team beat us we would hold it against you until we hunted you down and got revenge.

    How did your club originally form?

    Around half the core had been playing together for a while in small man but we all ended up playing together in a team call Influential run by Bill and Sambo. After a month or so we realised we had a lot of good 11 man players who were fairly unknown but starting to peak and play at the highest level. We talked about setting up a club where everyone was equal and had equal input, and a few weeks later we decided to go all in and form an 11 man team where everyone who had a football brain could have a voice. People will be surprised to learn that Vendetta have never had an out and out official 'manager'. There was basically so much respect between all the players they were happy to listen to each others opinions and make decisions together. The day to day running usually ends up getting elected to who is the most active/vocal during those months. Ell ( Whyy Me), Denis (Zedd), Swain and Miller have probably organised things for the longest spells down the years.

    Who would you say is your main rivals?

    At the start it was definitely Miracle. First few months we were still finding our feet and the future of the club could have gone either way at that stage if we had continually lost to them. The fact we are still here and they arent speaks for itself. Post 2013, Unity, Evoke, Angelic, Greedy were probably some of the biggest competition around. The amount of top teams around now has reduced a lot since 2012 and before.

    Who is your best player/players?

    The club was formed on basis we all respected each others play, so everyone who played for the team deserves a mention. Shaun, Whyy Me, Miller, Sakho, Cancon were all founders at the start and the club wouldn't be where it is today without Swain, Angel, Zedd, Birch and Paps who joined in the first year. That core was strengthened down the years with JohnnyHood, Drizzy, Aaron, Dylan, Giovanni, Pakeman and Kai. And last but not least cant forget the youth team aka Chazinho and Gavin94 who were our go to backup players down the years.

    What advice would you give to new Managers starting out?

    Don't even think about forming an 11 man team until you have a core of 7 you are all comfortable playing small man/other games with. VD lasted because we all play other games outside fifa like CoD, BF, Minecraft, Ark etc. If you cant get on with people outside Fifa you wont get on with them in a team on Fifa when things get tough. If the core has a good CB, CDM CAM and one St that are reliable and vocal, your team should last.

    How do you find the patience to continue when things are going bad?

    Most of our team are really bad losers so if its gets to the stage we lose a couple of games in a sesh we would call it, see where we went wrong, and dust ourselves off for the next sesh. Outside of tournaments we always try to play the same football style we did back on day one. Its also not good advice to go on a kicking spree as most issues can be solved by talking. The amount of players we have kicked in 4 years can probably be counted on one hand. Do your homework before signing people.

    What changes if any would you say needs to be implemented into clubs?

    EA needs to spend some time actually fixing the fucking game, instead of adding features no one gives a shit about. As long as theres no glitched pros were usually happy enough. Game needs a lot of investments considering the state its in now but thats more EA fault than any of the Fifa sites.

    What changes if any would you say needs to be implemented into CG?

    It needs a injection of life with a consistent tournament system with features a league 3 weeks of the month and in the final month teams will be seeded for the SS based on their league position.
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Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Dyljuan
    Think you're missing the part when you asked if he had anything to say.

    AMIRITE @Catinho @Whyyy Mee
  2. R9 Fraser
    I tried man I gave him the all the media department contact information and the twitch and youtube addresses but they got sunk on arrival :ROFLMAO:
  3. Unity Bluefin
    You can expose your youtube/twitch all over the site, but I'm not putting it in interviews, I explained this to Ell already.

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