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XB1 Super Sunday Report 04/12/16

Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Dec 5, 2016.

  • by Unity Bluefin, Dec 5, 2016 at 1:35 PM
  • Unity Bluefin

    Unity Bluefin
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    Firstly congratulations to Solidarity on winning our 20th Super Sunday 100% the surprise package of the tournament however over the years as we have seen anyone can come out on the night and have a superb tournament and walk away with the win, although that does not detract from anyone thats won any one night tournament.

    As for this Super Sunday probably the worst I have run in years, ran into problems from the outset when we went to set up the tournament only to realise that the tournament system did not support 6 per group, so that was binned while i had to install the old system again which only works through database injections, so after around 2 hours myself and Alex eventually managed to get the groups done and out.

    I've said this before and I will say it again, the amount of people messaging or contacting me via my xbox, chat or indeed skype is beyond a joke, this is what your managers for, I'm actually at my wits end with this so I'll be issuing out bans to folk that contact me in an abusive manner over skype, its one thing to ask a question its another to be a complete tit about it.

    As for the tournament the first issue I got was someone complaining about us not having 25 teams in the tournament, I'm sure I need not explain why that didn't happen, it didn't matter what team it was who entered as the 25th team they just wouldn't be involved unless it went to 32 teams. The fact I was pressed to just run it via the forums and let all the teams know that things had changed just smacked of complete idiocy.

    Going into the tournament and as per usual I had my own team problems to deal with which has pretty much ruined two Super Sundays in a row for our team now but thats another issue but it does just add to an already stressful night which is something folk seem to forget is that I also have to organise my own team for these things.

    Unfortunately the tournament was not without issues, so I will address these one at a time.

    Issue 1 - Involving my own group, as I explained last night I was contacted before going into our last match with Bad News that they didn't have many players (6) and that they would prefer to not have to complete the match (although they would have) and could we possibly take the forfeit, now in hindsight given the hassle I got for this I should have played them and just won the match and be done with it, however I felt sorry for the manager as he explained that fillins has just done him over, so for the first time in 6 FIFA's in any tournament I accepted a forfeit, this isn't the first time this has happened in a Super Sunday but its the first time for my team. No results prior to that match were changed or affected, and neither have they in the past, this has only happened in League structure when teams fold before the halfway point of a league, Now we could still have went out as frankly if Back to Basics won the match our tournament was over, they didn't so the claims of I rigged it for my own team came up. Lets face it in that situation the decision would have been made as it has in the past to award a forfeit and not affect any other matches in the group. The decision was correct and that decision would be made in the exact same way in any other one night tournament. It is a non issue only made an issue as my teams involved.

    Issue 2 - This is the one I believe I got wrong, the issue was that Logical entered a game with 5 players against eleVen Original when a forfeit should also have been handed out but I got caught while dealing with issue 1 with loads of windows open trying to deal with everything that was going on, I was also informed that Logical were throwing the match however no proof was submitted at that stage, however today it has so the manager of that team will be banned from competing in tournaments for the foreseeable future. And from now on any team who enters the field of play with less than 7 or without a goalkeeper the match will be issued as a forfeit regardless of whether you play it out or not.

    Issue 3 - I was informed over skype that a member of a team had a glitched pro or had a trait glitch, I messaged the manager privately to get this matter resolved after having checked the pro myself, however it ended up all over the twitch stream and thus all over my skype, the facts are the traits the player had on were 30+ points worth of traits, it is my role as tournament organiser to make sure that everyone is competing in a fair environment so I do not appreciate accusations being made at me or indeed people trying to mock the situation, my hands in these situations are tied and as I said I tried to deal with it privately. The thing is this team knows what I have done for them in the past and knows I would not jeopardise them or indeed any other team during a tournament knowingly so that was the most disappointing thing hearing folk comment who indeed should know better. As it was I was informed by my fellow organiser Alex that this bug had happened to him as well and he felt that everything was fine so I went with his rule on it and let the matches continue.

    Overall a pretty stressful night tournament wise, and a complete and utter thankless task running things, we get all these mini admin who think they can do better but none ever step forward and none come up with revisions to our rules to help with these matters, again I will once again go over our rules to see where ambiguity could be found and try to tighten them up.

    For everyone that took part without issues or without causing issues I hope you had an enjoyable tournament, and I would hope that now its the next day any teams involved in issues can read this post and appreciate the decisions as well as appreciate the one mistake I did make on the night and realise that I/we are trying our best to run a competitive competition for everyone to enjoy.
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Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Pedroooooo x
    Regarding the bad news situation, if a team signs up for a tournament has a bad result and can't even complete a group stage they should be banned from entering again. Everyone knows what they sign up for! Also we played and news first game and got a draw. Then you got the default its OK you saying you would beat them anywya they had 6 but they should have played you with the same 11 as they played us.. This is one thing that needs fixed for future games. I hope no teams give away default wins but if they do all there results should be the same so no team has an advantage from it.

    What happened to ninos team was bad too! Could have been a different tournament all together if the right team went through..
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  2. Pedroooooo x
    Well down to solidarity hoepfully the teams that came out the woodwork for the tournament all stick around
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  3. NinoMUFC x
    As the manager of formidable firstly I would like to congratulate solidarity on winning the SS. Bluefin we all make mistakes we're human I appreciate you coming forward and holding your hands up saying you made a mistake. Despite this I will say myself and my team are very disappointed with the way we got grouped especially after taking 9 points and 5 clean sheets we felt we were hard done.

    Majority of my team are slightly put off with the idea of SS after the experience they had. I know that won't be a big matter for you and your admins as you have many teams who will sign up but I thought I'd tell you the impact it's had call it over exaggerated but I'm just being up front and saying it how is.

    Furthermore I feel if this matter was dealt with a admin or someone over seeing the tournament while you were in a game busy bluefin maybe this matter would have been resolved. Eve took advantage of logical and the manager and scored as many as they can and they had the cheek to write in the managers chat 'we are here to play the tournament' something along those lines which I felt was very sly from them personally.

    Overall things happen but I feel in the next SS maybe more support from admins or moderators will help run the tournament smoothly as I read numerous times only yourself and Alex were doing majority of the work no other names were mention and it's hard to run a club on your own yet alone a whole site plus a big tournament.


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  4. Weaver
    It's not easy running a team nevermind running a tournament! Call this your 20th tournament but tbh it's one of the 1st tournaments being ran by whoever was helping andy.

    I'm sure the same people complaining will be the ones offering to help u run the next tournament!

    Live and learn, just make the next SS better!
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  5. Direct Zambo
    spot on andy was kinda disappointed with what happened in bad news everyone just quit after zac brown was having a shocker in goal think buy end was me gasman few others omar n everyone else ditched the team I felt sorry for Kregger7x so stayed till he ended the session kinda shocked buy peoples attitudes if I'm honest pretty pathetic if honest altleast see group out
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  6. Direct Zambo
  7. Direct Zambo
    agree but ban team bit much if people quit they should face bans yes individualy for ditching the manager as its not his fault not banning a team though
  8. Unity Bluefin
    I appreciate this, we have taken on more staff over the course of this week and have discussed ways forward for the next tournament, and make no mistake any team dropping or not wanting to play is a big issue for me personally, as I said I hold my hands up, but in future if that situation arises, and proof is submitted that a team is fielding less than the eligible amount a default will be handed out. Thats all I can really say or do at this stage which is no consolation to your team.
  9. Alexx19
    @Daveeee20 x we need video proof of people throwing games or playing with less than 7 to rule on defaults being given in future tournaments
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  10. eVe Ibrahimovic
    As the manager of eVe firstly i would also like to congratulate Solidarity on winning the SS.

    Sorry for my upcoming class english grammar.

    Sorry Nino, that your Team got grouped, because Logical played with less than 7 players and loss against us 5-0, which was decided that were go through.

    But like Bluefin, were also not a Team who prefer forfeits. We started the game against Logical like the other games. Then we hv seen theyre only 6 players inclusive Human Goalkeeper or something and thought, whats wrong with them? We knew that weve to win the game to get an minimal chance to get through. But we didnt knew how close it was :( We also got no Loss at this stage with 6 Points, with Logical Game then 9 Points and went trough cause more scored Goals, which we didnt knew and were surprised when we saw the Knockout Stage.

    Weve played the game completely, so then we took the result what we got. When any1 from staff or opponent manager would say that we dont hv to play, cause forfeit, then we accept. But were not claiming forfeits in SS hole time.

    Hope its understandable

    We appreciate what Staff and Bluefin doing and we want only to play the Tourneys, to mess with the best, and also to get involved in the upcoming Tournaments again.

    Only way i can say sorry about your Situation Nino.

    Anyway weve enjoyed the SS again and were happy about our own result, cause we got an big chance to get this thing to germany.
  11. Noxious Gaffer
    In future there should be a staff member assigned to each group that way Andy isn't gettin messages every 2 seconds and allows him to focus on his own team just an idea
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  12. Unity Bluefin
    Thats the plan for future tournaments.
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  13. Daveeee20 x
    Was on a fucking live stream with about 50 people watching lol
  14. Unity Bluefin

    Well I can't see that if I'm sat playing myself all that was needed was a link. Just for future reference.
  15. Daveeee20 x
    Yeah I know, but the second eVe game started before I either of ya's suggested and as you said you were playing bud. It's sorted now anyway
  16. Noxious Gaffer
    Sweet mate

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