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XB1 Lucid Team Spotlight Interview

Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Aug 6, 2018.

  • by Unity Bluefin, Aug 6, 2018 at 8:16 PM
  • Unity Bluefin

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    With the refresh of the site we felt it would be appropriate to conduct a new interview with one of our established clubs, Lucid have joined the 11 man scene and enjoyed some success this FIFA much to the surprise of many people, we caught up with Lucid Ran (as Hatters is too lazy) to conduct this interview.

    Why did you choose that particular name?

    No real story on why we chose Lucid, needed a team name and we thought Lucid looked and sounded good.

    Who would you say is your main rivals?

    Whoever is wining tourneys or leagues. Although we give our all in every game, I’d say we’re more up for games against Unity, Wonderkids, Wonderful and class. Unity mainly because it’s always a good and tough game between us. Wonder kids and wonderful for obvious reasons. Both very strong and consistent teams full of very good players, hence their tourney wins. Class finally due to them originally being a 10s team like ourselves. Also, Doyle sets his teams up very well against us and makes it extremely difficult for us to play how we want to.

    How did you club originally form?

    Myself and Hatters met online through friends both off and on Xbox, playing cod and then small man on the side together trying to progress through the pro clubs divisions. We played with those friends for some time before eventually starting Lucid together.

    When was your club established?

    Lucid were established in Fifa 16, first as a small man team trying to make it to division 1 and then eventually progressing to competing for 1st place on the Top 100 Leaderboard.

    How would you say the transition was from a 10 man team to 11 man?

    At first it was hard for sure. A lot of different things to think about from every situation in game. The pressure, corner&set piece tactics, LBYs, reverse passes etc. Eventually once we had a team that was consistently playing together, we managed to deal with these new things, as well as identifying a style of play as well as an understanding between us as a team.

    What had been your best team moment in clubs?

    Probably our first tourney win. It was our goal to win a tourney in 11s, to show everyone we wasn’t just ‘dry 10s players’ and that we could compete with ‘the best’.

    Who is your best player/players?

    We’ve had some great players in Lucid as well as some average players. However we always play as a team, with everyone doing their bit. If a player isn’t doing their bit in our team, then they definitely stand out. Right now I’d say our best players are Hatters, Miggan and Ellis. Hatters and Miggan both could do a job anywhere on the pitch. All three are consistent and I’d say would be a great addition to any 11 man team.

    What advice would you give to new managers starting out?

    Stay patient. Try to form a style of play and understanding with your players. Get rid of any egos or anyone who is hindering the teams performance. Look for players that are willing to listen and gain an understanding of what you want. Look for people you get along with. Players will come and go but you sticking at it won’t go unnoticed.

    How do you find the patience to continue when things are going bad?

    Personally I’m not the most patient player, which I’m sure the boys in Lucid are fully aware of. Mainly because when we’re not playing well it frustrates me, it frustrates me knowing that we’re all better than how we’re playing. However just knowing that we can play well, that we can/have been the best at some point gives me all the confidence that when things are going bad, that it is gonna get better.

    What changes if any would you say need to be implemented into clubs?

    Clubs seems to be different every year. For example last year you could be 6’7 centre back with 90+ pace. Makes no sense. Think the lock on system this year is awful, hopefully is better on 19.

    Is there anything you would like to add or tell the community about your team?

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Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Aug 6, 2018.

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