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XB1 FC Valour Team Spotlight Interview.

Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Apr 29, 2016.

  • by Unity Bluefin, Apr 29, 2016 at 3:39 PM
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    For the team spotlight interview for May we decided to catch up with SirRobotto *Scott* who is manager of FC Valour, Scott has a very long history with clubs going back to FIFA 11 as part of the 11 man scene here is his answers to our questions.


    As manager please tell us a bit about yourself
    Erm, My name is Scott, although for about 4 years of xbox I was either Rob, or Roberto.
    I'm an old cunt, Support Leicester, bossing life and I run my own department for Betfair.

    What is your Club Name?
    FC Valour

    When was your club established?
    Originally 2012 after I left Unity, Kyzerrrrrrrrr gave me his Division 1 club called Wrath, so we started off by using that.

    How did your club originally form?
    Started off by myself, and nothing else, was bored of LB and CB in Unity and decided I was good enough to play elsewhere.
    I was a defender, and I could have probably played for anyone in defence, but I'd had enough of it, I'd been a defender all of FIFA 10, 11 and 12, and has not once left a club in that entire time (ie, only left when someone folded)
    So I put up a thread asking if people wanted a chance in a new team that would hang about, and had 15 players within 6 hours. We started off weak, but we quickly found a lot of good players who also enjoyed a laugh.
    Marty, Ryan, Zeko, Kenny still here 4 FIFA's later. The rest of our core has been here 2 years or so, people like Fridge Salesman, Scabby Toe Nail, TOG Aaron (Whenever he's back active again) Baldy, SJPR, Kyle then we just signed players whenever someone left.

    Who would you say are your main rivals?

    Originally Vengeance as they had some gobby gits, but after they folded for the 15th time, there wasn't really many. We spent a good 3 months playing Spanish teams every night, so we would probably have to pick RC Recreativo as they gave us some good games when nobody else really played towards the end of FIFA 13. Plus they had Soul and Daniel (Torres1992) so was a friendly rivaly vs them.

    More recently there probably isn't one major team who we would class as rivals, obviously games vs Unity people try step up, but there ain't many teams about nowadays who real excite you when you play them. Long gone are the days where you would match Foregone, Divine, Wonderkids, Perfect 11 and Unity in a night, so nothing really develops.
    As I'm a bitter fuck, there are certainly teams I do enjoy grabbing a victory off, and watching them not post a session review for the first time in 10 nights, but, we don't play anyone enough to really care that much.

    What has been your best team moment in clubs?

    Erm, couldn't say. Obviously smashing everything that moved in Unity on FIFA 12 was decent, but I don't tend to judge my enjoyment too much on winning things nowadays. Guess we won FVPA Super Sunday with myself scoring the winner, or even winning Divison 2 on FPC, but recently we've been more like Arsenal, and just not completing anything great

    Who are your best players?

    Our obvious stand out would be KennyLFC x, he'd clearly walk into most sides, but our overall mix is highly impressive. Players like Corbz, Fordy, Zeko all players who could have easily walked away when things went bad, but all have been around long enough to know the potential we have, and why would you leave a stable team, to play in another team who will be good for a week then fold?

    I'd say our overall balance is better than anyone elses, it's very rare we use other teams players to fill a team for a night, if by some miracle we've not got 11 on we'll always just find a free agent and try them out for the night, instead of using a player from another team.

    What advice would you give to new managers starting out?

    Play to enjoy it. If you want instant success, or only enjoy a game if you win, then you've already lost. Most important, surround yourself with people you like, more than people who can push buttons better than someone else.
    You can have the best 11 players on the game, if they don't play well together you won't be winning a thing, and seriously, clubs nowadays spend probably 10-15 hours a week of gaming, if you don't surround yourself with people you have a laugh with, what's the point?
    Also, people will leave, learn to expect it and move on. Don't snake either, if you've arranged for someone to fill in, don't shaft them last minute, as you'll soon need them again and they'll laugh at you.

    How do you find the patience to continue when things are going bad?

    Easy really, I only sign free agents. I only sign people who don't jump ship, and I surround myself with people who understand this is a game, and when it's not fun anymore then don't play. We've almost 18 players, when it goes bad and people get bored they can jump out for a week without any issues.

    Valour has changed so much to the point I'm not really a manager, everyone has say, and there are 4/5 people who can type out a teamsheet and we'll go with that. I was banned for a week, Kenny and Corbz just posted teamsheets and people just got on with it.

    What changes if any you would say need to be implemented into clubs?

    Need to bring game chat back, so I can scream KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR'D at someone when they concede a cut back.

    Not having the "abuse" after the goals, has killed some of the fun.

    Thanks to Scott for taking part in our interview.
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Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Apr 29, 2016.

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