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CG Updates.

Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Sep 23, 2016.

  • by Unity Bluefin, Sep 23, 2016 at 5:37 AM
  • Unity Bluefin

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    With FIFA 17 on the horizon it was time to dust the place down and get ourselves ready for the new release, while everyones beavering away on the early access I have been working in the background on improving the site, slimming some stuff down and updating the site as well as the server, so just some news on whats been happening.

    Theme - As you can see we have a new style for the new FIFA, the theme was well past an update and I believe we have found a cracking style for the site, I had been keeping an eye on a theme site to see what would come out but it has so many styles that are outstanding we decided to go with this one.

    Server - The server was migrated onto a new server last Thursday and an extra 4gb of RAM was added to our capacity.

    Rivals - Rivals will work again on FIFA 17, however as I said before and have said many times, were not even utilising it to the best it can be, it works but its bare bones and can be so much better. I would absolutely love for the community to get behind rivals and invest in it. Rivals will be emptied out in preparation for the new game dropping so if you want to get anything now is the time.

    Tournament System - A new tournament system has been installed, I have been testing it in the background, when 17 officially releases we will host a 1v1 tournament just to see how it works. Added to the tournament system is a new roster system which will allow you to properly join teams, create rosters and compete in 11v11 tournaments, I also have plans to run more tournaments outwith 11v11 this FIFA.

    Theres more to come. ;)
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Discussion in 'FE News' started by Unity Bluefin, Sep 23, 2016.

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