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Rivals Overview

Rivals is a system that will track your club matches and place you in to a ladder system against other registered clubs.

You can link your club on the website by visiting the Link page.

My players are not registered, does this matter?

The player stats and the player themselves will not be properly linked to your club until the player signs up, that player will also be ineligible to take part in any tournaments or the season should you join them. It is best to encourage all of your members to be on the site.

My game hasn't shown up, is the site broken?

No, be patient. It can take a while to show up in the rivals system but will get there eventually.

Some of my players are showing as ineligible on the team page, why?

This happens when a player moves between 2 registered clubs within a 7 day period. The player will be unable to play in any tournament or season matches during this period but their rivals stats will still be recorded against your club.

I linked my game account but I am not assigned to my club yet, what's wrong?

Players get processed periodically in to the clubs due to the volume of transfers. You will be placed in the club soon so please be patient.

My team has gained loads of matches overnight, is the site broken?

No, all matches you play get tracked so if a club signs up that you have played previously, there is a good chance it will be counted on the rivals leaderboard.

I want to quit managing my club, how can I do this?

Quitting a club should be thought through carefully, if you proceed you will be unable to register another club on here for at least 6 months. You will need to contact a member of staff to have yourself removed as manager of the club.

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