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1v1 Rules

General Rules

  • You must be living in Europe to compete.
  • Invite friends via the "Online Friendlies" lobby.
  • Squad Type must be set to "Online".
  • Normal game speed.
  • Tactical Defending ONLY.
  • 6 Minute Halves.

Ultimate Team

  • All booster/attribute cards are banned.
  • Loan cards are not allowed to be used.
  • Accounts that are bought from coin sellers may NOT be used in FUT competitions on FIFA eSport.

Game Starts and Communication

If there is no communication from both sides, a null result may be given. Messaging opponents via console is a must. Under no other circumstances should a forfeit be claimed for non-response. Inviting a player to a game will not suffice as a form of communication.


  • If a game starts with severe connection issues, both players must agree to start a new game.
  • Due to the volatile nature of connections, games will not be auto-forfeited if a drop-out occurs. However, any exploitations of this rule (excessive disconnections) will be met with strong punishments.
  • With each disconnection, players must save the footage to reference the time/nature of the drop-out if a claim becomes necessary.
  • If a player loses connection while they are leading, or if the game is tied, both players must agree to start a new game and play out the remaining minutes. For instance, if the game cuts out in the 57th minute with a scoreline of 1-0, that score remains intact and both players play a new game until the 33rd minute. If a player disconnects while they are losing, they can still play out the remaining minutes if they wish. If they choose not to, then the following rule will take effect.
  • In the scenario where a player has quit or disconnected while losing, with no intention to play the rest of the game, goals will be accounted for as such:
    +2 goals awarded to winning player if opponent disconnects in 1st half
    +1 goal awarded to winning player if opponent disconnects in 2nd half (this includes 90th minute quits)
  • With this rule, a claim must be submitted by the player that was winning with supporting evidence of the time of disconnection.
  • If a player quits or disconnects before their opponent takes a penalty, +1 goal will be awarded to the player that has earned the penalty.
  • In any disconnection case, if a player refuses to restart and play out the remaining minutes, a claim must be submitted in order to amend the scoreline. Do NOT input the score yourself.
  • If you suspect that your opponent has deliberately disconnected to avoid conceding (e.g. clear goal-scoring opportunity), save the footage and follow up with a claim. Any players found guilty of exploiting this strategy will be punished at the discretion of the admins, and risk being banned from future competitions.

Reporting Results

At least one player must report the scores via FIFA eSport's match result system.

If you intentionally post the wrong teams or input the incorrect scores and are found guilty, you will be immediately disqualified and banned from future 1v1 competitions. Click here for a guide on how to post results.

Forfeits, Disputes and Mistakes

Do not personally message admins to claim forfeits, dispute results or report mistakes. These issues must all be officially processed via the Claims system. Any evidence provided outside of the Claim will NOT be taken into consideration when making a decision. Click here for a guide on how to submit claims.

Do NOT submit a claim for a bracket round before it has begun. e.g. A forfeit claim for a Semi Final match when it is still the Quarter Finals.


In any online competition, we understand that there may be occurrences of lag in the game. This is normal, however in severe circumstances this may:

  • Greatly disrupt the flow of the game.
  • Lead to unfair goals.
  • Make the match unplayable.

As a result, we encourage anyone who is experiencing these extreme cases to take action within the following guidelines:

  • Always save evidence of lag with video proof.
  • Submit an according claim for the admin team to handle. Note: Do NOT submit claims if the lag is merely a minor blip in the overall game.
  • Remain active in any claim interaction in order to ensure an efficient and fair ruling.

Keep in mind, as stated in the first “Connections” rule, if there is severe lag from the very beginning of the game, it is the responsibility of either player to back out and restart. If the same connection issues continue, the match should be put on hold with an immediate follow-up claim. Those who play a match in poor conditions from start to finish will not be granted any favourable decisions should the result not be to their liking.

If any of these guidelines are not followed properly in making a dispute, the corresponding player is not assured a positive outcome. Each claim will be dealt with individually, with the result being at the discretion of the admins. Players that are proven to have an internet connection not capable of holding a relatively lag-free online FIFA game may be removed from the competition, or be forfeited from any particular game.

Squad Files

Upon commencing a game in Online Friendlies, you may see the error message "We have detected your squad file does not match that of your opponent...". If you encounter this, it means the latest squad files of either player may be corrupt. To fix this problem, both players should go to the main menu area of FIFA > Customise > Profile > Delete. Here, three files need to be deleted:

  • Squads 1
  • Online Squad
  • Online Squad Customisations

Once these files have been deleted, you should be prompted to again download the latest squads when inviting / accepting an invite. Otherwise, go to Customise > Edit Teams > Download Updates. This should resolve the squad file issue and allow the game to be played. If the same error message continues to appear, simply submit a claim for the admin team to sort out.

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