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11v11 Rules

Rules are subject to change before the start of the season. Managers will be notified of any changes.

Match Rules

  • Teams are required to field 11 players in all matches. If unforeseen circumstances arise preventing a team from fielding 11 players, their manager must notify the opposition and either agree to postpone the match or play it.
  • The ANY position must be selected.
  • Human goalkeepers must be used in FE competitions (unless otherwise stated).
  • 5 at the back formations are not allowed
  • Custom tactics are not allowed.
  • Hacked/glitched Virtual Pros are strictly forbidden in any competition.
  • Players are not allowed to block the keeper as he's kicking from his hands or throwing in open play. Any goal that results from this will not be counted in the final score.
  • Fair play is highly encouraged. Taking advantage of glitches, wasting considerable time etc. may result in action being taken. Note: Crosses and over the top through balls and the like are not glitches. Struggling to stop a teams attack is no reason for complaint.
  • Giant throw-ins are allowed in any FE competition.
  • The D-pad/B animation glitch is strictly prohibited during FE sanctioned matches. Any reported incident accompanied by video proof will be reviewed by the FE admin team and appropriate punishments enforced upon players/teams involved. To clarify, the D-pad/B glitch is an exploit that allows the defending team to encroach beyond the initial wall and stop the attacking team from taking short freekicks.


Extreme time wasting is not allowed. By this we mean wasting 10 minutes holding the ball in defence and running around with it, holding the ball in the corner, and taking up all the allocated time for throw ins/free kicks/any other stoppages that run down the clock. Be courteous!

It is not considered time wasting if you're simply holding on to possession in midfield and forward areas.

Disconnections & Replays

Each team is allowed one early disconnection replay per round (not match). If a team loses players early on in a match due to disconnection, they're allowed to quit before the 10th minute and try again. If the opposition team scores during these 10 minutes, the score will be carried over to the replay match. A goal will stand if the opposition team has footage of the goal being scored (ball has to cross the line).

If the match drops out, or an entire team disconnects during the match, the remainder of the match must be played out in a replay with the scores still in tact, unless both teams agree to let the result stand. The replay match ends when the remaining minutes have been played (teams back out at this stage).

e.g. Team A are 2-0 up against Team B in the 60th minute, when Team B disconnects. They both agree to replay the remainder of the match. They play another match to make up for the remaining 30 minutes. Team B scores in the 20th minute. They both back out of the game on the 30th minute. The result becomes a 2-1 win for Team A.

Squad Rules

  • A minimum of 11 members per Squad is enforced in this competition.
  • A maximum of 22 members per Squad is enforced in this competition.
  • All squad members who participate in a league match must be registered on the website and must be listed on your league roster. If a team is found to be using ineligible players in their matches, they will forfeit all matches the player was involved in.
  • Players living outside of Europe may participate in the FEPL. 80% of a league squad must consist of players living in Europe. This rule has been introduced to reduce lag.  The Captain (host) must be based in Europe.
  • Squads may be adjusted up until the beginning of Round 1. Free agents (players who haven't played a game in the league yet) may be added into a squad at any time during the season. (This must be confirmed by League admin) Players may not be added to a squad if doing so will exceed the roster limit. A player is locked to a squad once they've played an FEPL match with that team.

Matchmaking Rules

  • League Cup Matches are scheduled for 8:30pm Thursdays
  • League Matches are scheduled for 8.30 pm - 9:00pm & 9:30pm GMT on Mondays & 9:00pm & 9:30pm Thursday.
  • Teams play each other once during the league season
  • All matches are to be played as Friendlies.
  • Teams must make every effort to play all of their games even if they are out of the final running. Failure to do so may result in points deductions in the following season or expulsion from the league.
  • Teams may be removed from the league for failure to complete a fixture. This means that all their matches are wiped (they become null and void), all individual stats involved in the matches are wiped, and the team is removed from the leaderboard. It would be as if they never participated in the first place.

Rescheduling & Forfeits

If a team is unable to make a scheduled match, they must communicate with the opposition manager two days in advance to try and reschedule. If there is no response from the opposition manager, teams can contact the league admin to sort it out. Opposition teams are not required to reschedule if you fail to communicate with them at least two days in advance (48 hours from kick-off).

Teams should be ready to play at the scheduled kick off time. If any circumstances arise that means one team will be running late, a captain or representative of that team must have messaged the other captain before 9:05. If a captain has not received a message explaining why the game needs to be delayed by 9:05, a forfeit win may be granted for the first game. If a captain has received a message from the other team explaining the delay, they must give the other team until 9:10 to play, otherwise a forfeit win may be granted for the first game. NOTE: Being mid-game is not a suitable reason for a delay. If an opposition captain provides proof of you playing a Pro clubs game at the time your game was scheduled to kick off, a forfeit win will be granted.
In the event a match is rescheduled the rescheduled match must be completed before the next round of fixtures. (Example, you reschedule Mondays league match as your team cannot make it, that match must be rescheduled and completed before Thursdays round of fixtures).

We cannot stress this enough. Do not start a "practice match" 10-15 minutes before your game is scheduled. You should aim to have your squad ready in the lobby 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

Match Results

  • All match results must be 100% accurate and confirmed by both team managers.
  • It is vital all team managers note relevant statistics after a league match.
  • Statistics which must be noted for each player include:
    - Goals
    - Assists
    - MoTM
    - Clean Sheet (Goalkeeper, Defenders, CDM only)
    - Yellow Cards
    - Red Cards
  • You must go off the stats available on the Player Ratings screen at the end of each game at all times unless there's an obvious error. If you believe an obvious error has occurred (clear assists randomly not counting, clear goals counting as own goals) then you must submit a claim and provide video footage of the incident.

Player Disconnections & ANYs

  • Goals and assists do not count when they're scored by a disconnected player. Only goals/assists scored before a disconnect can be counted.
  • Cleansheets (DEF/GK) and GK saves do not count if a player has disconnected.
  • Tackles won are counted regardless of whether a player has disconnected or not.
  • A disconnected player cannot be awarded the stats earned by an ANY.
  • The only stats that an ANY can record are those from their individual player.

Red Card Suspensions and Appeals

Any player who gets sent off in a game will be suspended for the first fixture of the next day. This is the case regardless of which game it occurred in.

For example:

  • Player A gets sent off in the first of two games on a Monday night. He may play the second game, but will miss the first fixture on Thursday.
  • Player A gets sent off in the second game on the Monday night. He will simply miss the next game, which is still the first fixture on the Thursday.

As well as this, any player who receives two red cards on the same night will be suspended for the next two games of the following FEPL night.

It is the responsibility of managers to record red cards using the “RC” column in the match report, or risk being penalised. Also, any evidence of players skipping suspensions will result in punishment for the player and/or club.

Red Cards do not carry over from the regular season to other tournaments, and there are no suspensions in knockout tournaments.

Suspension Appeals

If the referee's decision is considered unfair by the team that received the red card, they may appeal the suspension by submitting a claim and providing video proof of the incident. Only reasonable claims based on poor refereeing decisions can result in the suspension being revoked. Mistakes, or wrong intentions will not be considered.  Only straight reds may be appealed.

Forfeits / Disputes / Mistakes

We are no longer dealing with forfeits, disputes, and mistakes through inbox. Do not inbox admins to claim forfeits, dispute results or report mistakes. These issues must all be officially processed through our new Claims forums which will be available when the competition begins. Anything not processed through the Claims forums will NOT be taken into consideration when making a decision.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in deduction of points or removal from the competition.
For far too long teams and players have dictated how our leagues are structured how they run and how they ultimately fail at every single turn. So the following which will be agreed by every single player who participates and every manager who enters his team.

Manager Rules.

  • Every Manager will post exact squad including xbox names and FE usernames.
  • Every Manager must create a team thread on FE club directories for their respective team.
  • Every Manager will ensure every player is registered to the site, players not registered will not be eligible to play.
  • Managers will be responsible for making sure stats are collected, goals, clean-sheets etc etc, failure to do this will result in points deductions.
  • Managers will be responsible for making sure every player signs into the teams squad thread which will be made before every league. Failure to do so results in your player being eligible for the league.
  • Managers will be responsible for making sure any FE username changes or gamertag changes are reported to league admin. (A thread will be made) Failure to do so results in you being eligible for the match which results in forfeits of games.
  • Managers who enter teams with the league and fold during a league season will be banned from participating on the site at all for the duration of the league, as well as the next season. This is a site wide banning not just participating in tournaments.

Players Rules.

  • Players will be responsible for notifying their manager of gamertag or xbox live changes. Failure to do so results in you being eligible for the match which results in forfeits of games.
  • Players must post within a squad thread where the manager has posted that they are part of that squad, not posting will result in you being ineligible to play within the league.
  • Players who are free agents who are signed and added to a managers squad must also sign into a teams squad thread, failure to do so results in you being ineligible.
  • Players who refuse to play for a manager after being signed within a squad will be banned from the site for the duration of three league seasons. This is a site wide banning not just participating in tournaments. Managers must prove a player refused to play.
  • If a Manager decides to fold a team it is not only his responsibility, we refuse to believe one single person can dictate to an entire squad, it is the players responsibilities as a squad to continue playing and finish out the season, failure to do so will result in a ban for the duration of the league, as well as the next season. This is a site wide banning not just participating in tournaments.
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