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by Fenix JoeBhoy at 3:36 PM
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Yo Boyos, Groups are done on stream which I will post below and are being built on the App as we speak. We will post in here when they are ready to be viewed but the first game will be played at 7:30pm on Monday! We are also getting a Graphic made as always with all th groups which will have all your badges so if you don't think we don't have your badge post it below so we can show it off for you in the graphic.

We are needing all
Managers and Players to make sure they are on their teams Roster! I know some have started but we need everyone to get their squads onto their squad list in the Clubs App on the site. Monday is fast approaching and don't want a made scramble come Monday night. All you have to do is;
  • 1. Send them your club link, they scroll down and click "Join Club."...
by Hatton at 12:55 AM
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We are delighted to announce that our debut international tournament will take place on Sunday 2nd September.

At the moment we are working on both growing and improving the international side of the site in the hope of adding more nations within the coming days. If a nation isn't a standalone team it will either be grouped with other nations or as a region such as Scandanavia.

They'll also be both a Rest of Europe and Rest of the World teams for players from countries that won't be able to field a full eleven by themselves or can't be added to regions.

The following nations/regions have been announced;

1. Algeria
2. Morocco
3. England
4. France
5. Germany
6. Ireland
7. Italy
8. Northern Ireland
9. Poland
10. Scotland
11. Spain
12. Wales
13. Costa Rica
14. Jamaica
15. Panama
16. USA
17. Bolivia
18. Brazil
19. Colombia
20. Venezuela
21. Scandinavia
22. Rest of Africa
23. Rest of Europe
24. Rest of The World​

More are to be announced in due...
by Fenix JoeBhoy at 12:00 PM
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Please think before applying, if there is a possibility you are going to pull out between now and the tournament date then please do not waste yours and our time by entering!

We expect managers to be active on the forum and Discord Server on the days leading up to the competition as occasionally there will be announcements on certain things which need to be known. People will NOT be chased around, so if you help put effort into helping the tournaments run we all have an easy and smooth night.

Please Note: Managers and players should familiarise themselves with the competition rules. Upon entering you accept the competitions Rules and Regulations.

We reserve the right if we need to lower numbers then teams will be selected on suitability, forum conduct and reliability.
Also each team must have at least 9 players with ANY and GK selected.

Tournament Layout:

Date: Monday 20th August...
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