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by Unity Bluefin at 7:58 PM
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We are delighted to announce that @Hatton will be joining us as iFE Coordinator, within this role Hatton will have a lot of responsibilities mainly growing and maintaining our fledgling International scene, on the old systems our Internationals made up a staggering 20 plus teams, we hope that we can achieve that same number of teams, however going forward his task will be to quickly get together the main teams that we know can exist, mainly the home nations, manager applications etc shall be up in due course.

Before FIFA ends we will stage an International tournament for the best representatives from each country to take part in, details of this will be released by Hatton as and when a date is decided.

Please join me in wishing him every success in his new role, we are more than sure with his organisation skills he will absolutely thrive in this role.

Finally, I will be personally supporting Hatton and acting as his second man on the...
by Fenix JoeBhoy at 6:48 PM
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Welcome to FE's reincarnation!

Most will know what this is but for those who do not and are here for the first time...welcome, FE is an organised competitive pro-clubs community which allows you to create your own team and compete in organised tournaments/leagues.

In recent times the eSports scene has really taken off with the likes of FuT, RB6 etc but we still live in hope pro-clubs gets the love it truly deserves from EA. We know in recent FIFA's the sessions have become stagnate and boring mostly playing unknown/noncompetitive teams and sometimes poor connections which makes putting sessions together hard and with the game being generally broken but we hope to be the spark to help bring around the return of teams old and of course new teams that can come in the scene to make the most competitive scene there has been.

Our plans is to create the most vibrant, transparent and competitive site out there today where all will be welcome to take part. At the...
by Unity Bluefin at 9:52 PM
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In order to come in line with a lot of external social media sites and platforms with most of them asking for or now requiring sites to be https I have updated FE accordingly, you shouldn't notice any impact however if you do come across any errors or indeed problems then please leave a message here and I will try to address the issue.

https://fifaesport.net It is only a minor change and you should already notice the difference when you visit the site.
by Unity Bluefin at 3:41 PM
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You will need to re-submit your TWITCH channels after this update.
  • Twitch announced last month that their current API (v3) will be deprecated in February. With that announcement came a new API (v5). With this new API, channels can no longer be scraped with the channel name (ie: 8wayrun); instead, channels will only be scraped from channel IDs (ie: 5521605). Because of this, all your current twitch channels will need to be re-submitted in order to fetch the previously useless cryptic data of that channel's ID.
by Unity Bluefin at 3:05 PM
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Some of the eagle eyed among you may have noticed a yellow bar at the top of the site, that bar will follow you around every single part of the site and allow you to share the site to various social media, whatever page on the site you land in, if you click share then it will update to that page accordingly.

Here is an example of me sharing the Unity Club Directory page on my own twitter.

Hopefully some of you will use this feature to expose the site a little more if you see something you like or indeed would like to share.
by Unity Bluefin at 4:03 PM
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I'm making some design changes to the site in preparation for other things that will be coming to the site. There will be two options (although only one at first) so do not worry if it does not suit you as I will give an alternative over the next couple of days.

New design will be released at some stage today.
by Unity Bluefin at 1:35 PM
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Firstly congratulations to Solidarity on winning our 20th Super Sunday 100% the surprise package of the tournament however over the years as we have seen anyone can come out on the night and have a superb tournament and walk away with the win, although that does not detract from anyone thats won any one night tournament.

As for this Super Sunday probably the worst I have run in years, ran into problems from the outset when we went to set up the tournament only to realise that the tournament system did not support 6 per group, so that was binned while i had to install the old system again which only works through database injections, so after around 2 hours myself and Alex eventually managed to get the groups done and out.

I've said this before and I will say it again, the amount of people messaging or contacting me via my xbox, chat or indeed skype is beyond a joke, this is what your managers for, I'm actually at my wits end with this so I'll be issuing out bans to folk that...
by Unity Bluefin at 4:39 PM
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Just to let folk know that after having discussed with quite a few folk around the site lately we have made some changes to two sections of the site, and also to update on what is going to be happening going into next year. Some some parts of this will interest you and some won't but I'll try to keep it brief.

Both the Premium Page and Donations Page have been updated and both for different things, contrary to what folk might think there is not a lot of active premium accounts on the site, premium accounts are basically a way to support the site financially to pay bills enhance coding around the site, every penny submitted through premium has been put towards the site, and more as I have personally covered the costs of the site since Tony left when he used to cover half, since then I have received a payment for half of one months bills and that remains the case until today. So what you get for premium doesn't seem like much, but the premium page does list whats available.

by Unity Bluefin at 6:28 PM
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Suppose its better late than never but I just wanted to give a brief run down on the last Super Sunday we held.

Firstly congratulations to Vendetta our eventual winners, who won after a closely fought final with Verdict.

Generally speaking the tournament ran without any major incidents although as always there were problems behind the scenes that folk are generally not aware of which I will try to address one by one.

  • Players messaging staff during the tournament about a variety of issues, you have a manager who we deal with, spamming staff with party invites, xbox live messages, and skype messages is not on, you will be ignored as we will only deal with your manager thats why we have him in a chat, added were also taking part in the tournament. Do yourself a favour and stop it as I'm taking a list and repeat offenders are going to be banned from participating in future tournaments.
  • Players messaging other teams abusively, again both managers are in chat with staff,...
by Unity Bluefin at 2:01 PM
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A new tournament system has been added to the site which should allow us to run other types of tournaments and leagues rather than be stuck to just 11 man stuff, plus we now have full admin controls over the tournament system unlike before where I had to do it via manual mySQL injections which was a complete pain.

You should see two new links above....

Tournaments - Self explanatory just enter into tournaments that you see, there will be a variety of tournaments held this FIFA not just restricted to 11v11. http://www.clubsgaming.com/forum/tournaments/

Clubs - There is now a link at the top which says *Clubs* if you manage a team you should create it within this area, you can add your club badge, a motto, and info about your club its basic just now but this area will expand. You also have the ability to create rosters, this area will be used for creating rosters for leagues and tournaments, once someone joins your club you can add them to a roster, you will need to...
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