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by Unity Bluefin at 6:46 PM
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As with any tournament these things take planning and staff have to turn up well in advance of everyone else, we have taken on new tournament staff or utilised old staff who were frankly sitting around not actually getting any specific tasks to do.

Up stepped Alex, Drizzy and Ollie along with myself to run the tournament, we put in varying degrees of work but it was the 4 of us running it, basically I only participated as staff just to be there to help if anything went wrong, the main work was done by the other three guys, with Drizzy doing the sign ups and Alex doing the actual tournament in the system.

We all took a group each and things ran smoothly in every group bar group 2 which specifially housed Unity, as myself, Drizzy and Ollie were all playing for Unity, Alex was the member of staff handling that specific group. The only team causing issue was Logical and not for the first time so its a situation we will look at and discuss in staff over the next couple of days....
by Unity Bluefin at 6:01 PM
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The bug in rivals stats is fixed and the stats page is now working properly and as it should be.


Rivals as I said is at the tip of the iceberg, its now as the stage it was on FE hwoever think of it like we have it 30% complete I have spoken further with the coder and for the basic achievements/accomplishments both player and team he said he could do this for the region of between 300/500 USD, the exact chat is copied into staff chat but the price is fantastic considering he charged only the $200 to get rivals fully working and fixed back to the level it was.

If folk are interested in expanding rivals I would be happy to try to have another round of donations towards at I myself would put more money in if the community indeed supports it.
by Unity Bluefin at 9:08 PM
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Obviously rumours abound as to what is going to happen with the site now that Tony has stepped down as co-owner so I'll address some things.

I have been working away in the background to make sure that as a site we have a team in place to make sure that we can continue the best service we possibly can, we have been blighted through the years with various things which damages a sites reputation and ability to run things. Fortunately this particular site the only competition or league affected was our first incarnation of seasons as Tony announced he was stepping down right at the end. This made Managers and players think whats the point in completing the first season as they probably thought it was the last. However for me and our staff its just the start, I was aware as was Tony that we would have teething problems and we did, we have learnt from those so some changes will take place for Season 2 of seasons, this will be announced once we have spoke to all the managers from...
by Unity Bluefin at 8:10 PM
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Just to let folk know that Tony has decided to step down from his position on CG as part owner of the site, Tony has his reasons but from what I can gather its basically that our community is riddled with cunts, I've personally always felt that a vocal minority seem to rule the site, with the constant complaining and bitching that goes on surrounding anything that we try to do, then folk complain in the way we answer them, but the facts are we speak to people the way we are spoken to.

I cannot say that I am happy about Tonys decision he did a power of work on this site and this leaves me once again to pick up the slack, the facts are that is not possible the way it once was, I am no longer self employed so do not have the time I once had.

So just some points of whats going to happen and what I am looking for.
  • New staff who wish to develop the site further and continue with the on going project.
  • Staff to help run seasons, including inputting stats, and running the day...
by Unity Bluefin at 5:09 PM
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For ease of use of the forums for the multiple nationalities that use the site we have installed some other languages around the site, when visiting the site and not logged in next to the login bar you will see the 4 languages which are present on the site.

When logged in you should see a language chooser on the right hand side, currently some phrases require adding to fully make the site available in all languages but that will come soon.

I will update this thread accordingly when the phrases have been updated.
by Unity Bluefin at 12:11 AM
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For those who don't know we operate a strict one account per member policy.

The dual account detector is now in action. Anyone creating a second account for any reason runs the risk of being banned from the forum and/or any competition. Anyone sharing their account log in with another member will also be picked up so don't say we didn't warn you.

Note: Anyone creating a new account will also be reverted to their original account.
by Unity Bluefin at 10:01 PM
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